Destination America’s Ghost Asylum is on tonight. Sometimes I really enjoy these ghost shows and sometimes not. This one is alright. Ghost Hunters is still the #1 though.

Miss America. Does anybody really care? Nothing against the ladies, many of them do a bunch of charitable work. It’s just the whole thing is so phony.

I love grapes.

Dandy Warhols are coming to Indy. I may have to go.

Fall TV has arrived and really other than Gotham and my usual cable fare of SOA and Boardwalk Empire, I’ll just stick with Bojack Horseman on Netflix, which is excellent! The broadcast tv nets need to shake their shit up if they really want to survive. The cable stuff is far better (and not just because they have more freedom…that is an excuse) because the writing is there and the casts are usually on point. You have have a great star, but if the material sucks, it all suffers. The things we see with Netflix, Amazon and Hulu, in many ways, are better than the tv nets.

I wish the music business had someone with the greatness of Sly and the Family Stone.

Any man that beats or physically hurts a woman or a child should be tossed in the ocean with a school of sharks or into a pit of gators. Fuck those guys.

The Spoon record is fucking excellent!

I wish the movie business had someone with the greatness of Marlon Brando. There’s Pacino and De Niro and I dig them a lot, but they are not Brando.

Nothing like walking those nature trails. I do it often anymore. Peaceful.

Radio began to kill itself in 1996 and they keep making these self-inflicted wounds. To even have a chance, throw away all the formatic rules that have been used for decades. Take entertaining chances, not safe. Safe is BORING. There are maybe 10-15 great radio stations worldwide, with a handful here in America and they know who they are….they are interesting and really entertaining. The rest are McDonald’s. They may be popular, make a lot of money, but they are all the same, predictable, BORING and not artistic or creative in any true meaning of great art.

Robert Plant’s Lullaby…and the ceaseless roar is absolutely fantastic in every way. A+!

Birdman with Micheal Keaton is the one. When it hits. Go!

Looking forward to seeing Living Colour in the near future. It’s been a while. I think I saw them before in 1988 or ’89. Those guys are great musicians.

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One thought on “Life

  1. Reading this made me laugh. To me is was a bunch of random thoughts & then an Oh y the way I’m on Twitter. ( :

    I am so excited for Criminal Minds. October 1st cannot come soon enough.

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