Various Junk






I will forever dig The Smithereens.


I will forever dig Sharon Stone.

I’ve been watching:
-Bojack Horseman. Excellent. Netflix.
-SOA. Many Holy Shit moments. Gemma, Jax will get you, mama…eventually. Annabeth Gish is smokin’ hot. I’d lick her ass.
-Boardwalk Empire. My weekly mob fix.
-The Quentin Tarantino library.
-The Nick Cave documentary.

I’ve been listening to:
-Badfinger. I love that band. Such a sad story. They got fucked. Kids,
be sure to get some Badfinger in your music menu. Plus a few Badfinger life lessons: Be careful who you trust, keep an eye on your money and never take your life.
-Cracker. The 90’s band. They were/are great. Who doesn’t like Low?
-King Tuff.
-The latest Spoon album.
-The Shins.
-Classic Material Issue. I wish Jim was still alive.
-The new Slash stuff.
-The Breeders.
-The Clash.

I’ve been reading:
-Chris Guillebeau’s The Happiness of Pursuit.
-Various material via Brain Pickings.
-The latest issues of Mojo, Classic Rock magazine, Empire and Playboy.



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