Fall TV so far:
I enjoyed Gotham. Hopefully it will grow nicely.

I’m not watching everything, but a few things interest me…CBS has Stalker, ABC’s Forever, NBC’s Constantine and FOX’s Mulaney.

Fall TV Info: The Futon Critic.

So, Vince Vaughn will join Colin Farrell in HBO’s upcoming season of True Detective.


Great book: John Lahr’s Tennessee Williams: Mad Pilgrimage of the Flesh.

The woman who is the in-house Psychologist to the comics at the Laugh Factory.

8 early and previously unseen sketches of The Simpsons.

A great rock band from the 70’s that had an interesting vibe: The Sensational Alex Harvey Band. Huge in parts of the U.S., but never quite got to a level they probably should have. Bigger around the world.

Fall Music: Pause and Play.

Fall Movies: Jo Blo.

Here’s a letter Nirvana sent to a few hardcore fans leading up to the release of Nevermind. They enjoyed messing around with their names. Here it is…



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