Before They Became Famous


Madonna led Emmy and the Emmys. Hear them here.


Billy Idol was the lead singer for Generation X. See them here.


Prince was with 94 East. Hear them here.


Bruce Springsteen and his first band called The Castiles. Hear them here.


They were called Mammoth just before going with Van Halen. Here are the early Mammoth demos, plus an interview on KROQ here.


Cyndi Lauper pre-solo stardom with Blue Angel. Here them here.


Before they were the Eurythmics, Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart were The Tourists. Hear them here.


Before his shot on tv with 21 Jump Street and long before movies, Johnny Depp was doing music (still does). His current band is P, but his original band was the City Kids. Hear them here.


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