Various Junk

Hey there…Happy Smile Day!

What I’m watching, listening to, reading (or planning to) at the moment etc:

TV: Boardwalk Empire and SOA both deserve a Holy Shit! I love ’em. I dig Stalker. Maggie Q is a great talent.

Podcasts: Must hear podcast: Paul Viollis had a chat with Joe Pistone, the FBI agent that used the name Donnie Brasco undercover in the mob for six years and the flick starring Johnny Depp is about him. Along with Joe, Paul talks with Michael Franzese, a made-man in the mafia…former capo and underboss. Fascinating stuff. I wish more questions were asked and answered, but still a great one via Podcast One.

Radio: Sirius XM’s Underground Garage is something I go to often. I love those songs.

Podcast: Larry King’s podcast is now airing on

Music: Weezer, classic stuff from The Zombies, Elle King, the fresh Fiona Apple called Container, Us The Duo, Of Verona, Meat Puppets, new Everclear etc.

Movies: The great classic On The Waterfront, Gone Girl, Rolling Stones doc etc.


Nick Offerman talks The Simpsons and life after Parks and Recreation.

The Greatest TV Series That Never Happened.

Showtime’s Homeland and what to expect this season.

Bob’s Burgers returns this weekend.

A great piece on the trippy Adventure Time.

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