Name Game


I’ve mentioned this before on my Random Thoughts blog, but thought I might share this info again because it can be confusing.

So, David Eppley is my name, but early on in my broadcasting career there was an on-air talent that used his real name too and it happened to be mine. He was there first, so I came up with the Zack Skyler name, which is something that comes from my application of Sky Walker (radio/tv guy), Star Wars and at the time…there weren’t many Zack’s around. I was still a kid when Zack Skyler came to be. I used that name everywhere I went, mainly because that’s what they (management) wanted me to use. I like it, after all…I thought of it.

I gave Zack a rest for a while in the fall of 2012, but… Zack Skyler is coming back. It’s all I can say for now.

So, I’ll use David in some places on social media and Zack again on social media.

Friend, follow etc. I won’t be a pain in the ass.





I just started a fresh Zack Twitter account and will tweet soon.

Soon I will share what’s going on and you can join in the fun.


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