TV, Radio, Music and Movie File

Say Anything tv series and Cameron Crowe isn’t happy.

An Uncle Buck tv series.

VENT: Alright, you greedy, lazy tv people that want to remake classics and most likely ruin the greatness that were those films. Leave ’em alone. I get sick of them taking excellent films and making them again because they’re scared to be original…and greedy and lazy. Now, more and more television is doing remakes of classic films or re-doing tv classics. Those things are gems. Back off. Try something fresh. I realize everything old is new again and that’s great, but this is not the way.

American Horror Story: Freak Show transformations.

TV On The Radio’s Careful You.

Lorde, Foo Fighters, Sam Smith do The Beach Boys.

AC/DC’s Play Ball.

Bryan Adams interview.

Billy Idol tour.

More details on Pink Floyd’s upcoming album.

The great singles of 1984.

David Guetta’s Listen.

Robert Downey Jr. says there will be another Iron Man.

Spiderman and Sinister Six stuff.

James Bond comics.


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