Various Junk


Here’s the latest TV Guide for you NCIS fans.

Here’s what I’m watching, listening to and reading:


Fall TV … I’m still into Gotham.

Bob’s Burgers was fantastic!

SOA…Phenomenal as always.

I’ll be busy not only with Boardwalk Empire this weekend, but the season premiere of The Walking Dead. My dvr is going to get a workout.

BoJack Horseman still rules on Netflix.


Stevie Nicks 24 Karat Gold.

Weezer. All of their catalog, including their latest.

Fiona Apple.

Robert Plant.

Secret Colours. They have IT.


Pink Floyd. Old and New. I like the stuff from their upcoming album too.

The Lone Bellow.

I’ve been listening to stacks of vinyl, which I recently got at an auction for unbelievable (albums stacked 50 high for $2-3 for the whole stack) prices. Among the gems found in these records: Every John Lennon 45, all those classics from The Ronettes, every Wings album, the original Skynard lp cover with the flames (they took the flames out after the crash) and many others.


I’ve been watching some of the classic John Hughes flicks. They’re all excellent.

I’m going to see The Judge starring Robert Downey Jr. and Robert Duvall.


Howard Stern.

A lot of Xfm London. Georgie Rogers is always smooth.


WTTS Indy.

Some KROQ.

Some Bob & Tom.

Some Stuck & Gunner.

Some Mancow.

Some vintage late, great Neil Rogers via YouTube.

The Fringe in Austin.

Some SiriusXM Underground Garage, Lithium, XMU and First Wave.

Also…Steve Dahl, Kevin Matthews, Johnny B, Garry Meier, Nick Digilio.



I’ve been reading an advance copy of Billy Idol’s Dancing With Myself memoir and it is insane…and great. It is due this month. Here’s a piece in USA Today about it.


The afterword from Bruce Springsteen on his upcoming children’s book called Outlaw Pete.


Eddie Trunk’s podcasts are excellent. I especially enjoyed the one with Slash. Very honest.


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