Light and Heavy

Happy 12th Birthday to my daughter, Emily! My kids are my world. Through the up’s and down’s of life, my kids are the one thing that gives me 100% happiness. So special.

It’s Pac-Man’s anniversary. Certainly one of the early video game characters. I spent some time as a kid playing Pac-Man in an arcade and also Atari, when it first debuted.

All of the Ebola jokes are such bullshit. They’ll be laughing if that crap becomes something “experts” never expected. People confuse fear for fool. Fear isn’t something that should be controlling anyone, but to completely blow stuff off Is to be a fool. And you can’t (and shouldn’t) believe everything you see, hear and read on all sides.

Just as expected…the usual names keep appearing as possibilities for the next Presidential race: Bush, Clinton…also Chris Christie etc. All terrible. And once again, let me be clear: I’m not a right or left person. I go above that, because once you do that…and dig….you then begin to understand that it’s all the same with a different public approach. Like roles in a film or lyrics in a song. If you play the right vs left game, just expect dogs chasing cats in a fenced in backyard to continue forever and ever…..and ever. Fuck. Insanity defined. And we are the punchline…directly in our ass. 99.9% of the population do not understand, don’t believe it or have zero interest in their livelyhood screwjob or anything newsworthy. If it’s not about what’s in their personal world, sports, drugs, alcohol, having fun, sex, shopping, entertainment etc. then they do not care. All that stuff is excellent, but please give a shit….somewhat…and try to understand something….anything.

I’ve really been enjoying the Colts so far this season. Andrew Luck and TY Hilton have been kicking ass.

Oh and Katy Perry as Super Bowl Halftime entertainment is horrible. Sure, she has some nice attributes, but singing LIVE and without great producers isn’t one of them. $$$$Political Trash$$$$$

On Facebook, why do so many people talk shit about people they work with? Do they not realize that people are not blind? Employers and possible future future employers probably read that or will. If you call your boss a cocksucker….who’s the real cocksucker in the end? People aren’t really that dumb are they? Or ARE THEY?????

Glad it’s hockey time again! I love football and hockey most. I like basketball and baseball, but football and hockey are my sports.

The Walking Dead…this weekend!

I’ve been playing a lot of David Bowie and getting a lot done around here. By the way, a fresh David Bowie song drops this weekend…first via BBC.

The Tom Hanks library of flicks is grand.

Looking for me elsewhere: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and all the rest too. Also, Spotify.


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