TV, Radio, Music and Movie File

All things tv: TV Tattle.

All things music: Pause and Play.

All things movies: Jo Blo.

All things television: The Futon Critic.

Fall TV Winners and Losers.

It’s 24’s TV Anniversary this month. It debuted in 2001.There’s probably going to be more in some form.

Fresh Van Halen soon.

Whitney Houston live is due this week.

Madonna stuff.

The latest Bruce Springsteen happenings with info on his children’s book out now called Outlaw Pete and his studio albums set.

Prince stuff.

Jeff Lynne talks E.L.O. and fresh material.

Tom Hanks film slate.

Upcoming Arnold Schwarzenegger projects.

Johnny Depp forthcoming flicks.

Sylvester Stallone stuff.

Will Smith upcoming films.

Bruce Willis stuff.

Batman vs. Superman happenings.

All things Star Wars.


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