Life Happenings

Hey you!

Family rules. My kids make me so proud.

TV: SOA has been fantastic! Almost done. This has been an incredible final ride. Looking forward to future Kurt Sutter tv projects.

Looking forward to FOX’s Backstrom starring Rainn Wilson. It debuts in January.

Music: TV On The Radio’s Seeds is so damn excellent.

Bruce Springsteen’s Album Collection is nice.

I’ve been on a Police kick lately. They have so many great songs.

Faith No More’s Motherfucker is perfect.

David Bowie’s career spanning set, Nothing Has Changed is loaded.

Movies: I’ve been going through the Robert DeNiro library. Quality work.

The Hunger Games mania continues. I like it, but I’m not a fanatic about it.

Stephen King’s Revival is outstanding!

I’ve been having a lot of fun working at FUN 101.7. I worked there around 15 years ago. It’s like family. My usual spot is 12-4pm weekdays, but over the holidays…we are everywhere and overly busy, so my time may be changed some. You can hear Fun via Tune-In.

The house is done with decorations. I feel like I just did it. Time goes too fast.

My car lost a hubcap this week. Oh fun! It’s like smiling with a missing tooth. I took care of it. 🙂 (I have all of my teeth by the way)

Enjoy your Thanksgiving. I may or may not be on with posts. It all depends. Sometimes I do a few and then not many, if any.


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