Music and Movies of the Year

There’s been a lot of stuff this year that I enjoyed, which you can see on several previous posts throughout the year. I feel like there has been quite a bit of great music ….. and great movies though seem to be lacking, but there are a couple.

(Again, there was a lot I liked, but here’s a few that are really special)


My top pick is the recently released Seeds by TV On The Radio. I’ve liked their material from the beginning and although some hardcore TVOTR fans are mixed on this, I really like it a lot. From the first single Happy Idiot to the first track on it, Quartz, to the well done, Ride, all the way through to the title track, Seeds. This is a fine album.


Teenage Fanclub’s Man-Made is something everyone should gravitate towards. This is a band that should have been huge a long time ago from their first album, Bandwagonesque. I remember playing them way back on a special indie/alternative show and thought they had IT then. Catchy power-pop rock with some great guitar, always excellent vocals. This is a band the late Alex Chilton always liked. Do yourself a favor and put some Teenage Fanclub in your life.


English rock at it’s finest from Southampton’s Band of Skulls. Asleep At The Wheel was the first single and is fantastic. All of the tracks dig into your soul and take residence. They make you pay attention. Quality work. Himalayan is a must have album.


If the stars line up, Zella Day will be huge eventually. I find her immensely talented and someone that is unique and grabs you. Be sure to check out her 4-track EP, especially the song, Hypnotic. When so much of the mainstream pop stuff is bland, the same and disposable, along comes Zella Day, who gives us all hope for something special….and different.

(This year didn’t have a lot of really stand out films imo, but next year and even 2016 should have several)


My top flick of the year goes to the very fun, Guardians of the Galaxy. It was even better than I thought it would be. It’s one of those that I’ll watch again. Great cast. The music in the movie was nice too.


Birdman starring Michael Keaton is Oscar worthy. I hope he gets nominated and snags an Oscar. He should do more films. I like the story, which is about an actor who played Birdman and wants to re-invent his career 20 years later.


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