Life Happenings

Hey you!

I hope all is well and you’re enjoying this holiday-filled time of our lives.

TV: SOA is beautiful and tragic. Just great storytelling. I love it. Looking forward to the finale.

Music and Movies both have been giving me some quality entertainment lately. I’ll share soon.

A few things….
1. Be sure to check out some previous posts with Forthcoming TV Series for 2015, plus Forthcoming Music and Movie Releases in 2015 and even 2016.

2. I had an old Twitter Zack Skyler page a while back, now I have a fresh NEW Zack Twitter page which I recently launched and I would be grateful if you could follow me and I’ll follow you back. @ZManAdventures I still have my personal one too, which I’ve posted before. Please and thank you. I really am appreciative. Soon, most likely there will be a Facebook fan page. I will let you know.

3. I’m enjoying myself on Fun 101.7 weekdays, 12-4. You can stream it from anywhere via Tune-In.

4. My massive Entertainment and Pop Culture Calendar for 2015 and beyond is due soon and on this very blog.

Have a great one!


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