Hodge Podge

Hey you!

John Gorman, WMMS Guru during its Glory Days has created an interesting radio project that I like a lot called OWoW.

McDonald’s Shamrock Shakes have returned.

Netflix hit House of Cards starring Kevin Spacey returns in the next week.

Great TV site: TV Insider.

Presidential Poll.

I think both television and radio really need to:
1-Make their basic entertainment content better. Entertaining, Interesting, Informative, SPECIAL. The basic core of what you do, whether old or new media. If your steak isn’t there, the sizzle doesn’t matter. It’s like a pretty menu and the food sucks. Look at everything you can do: Elements of Television, Radio, Music, Movies. You can be a media monster in your own way. Own the special things. Everyone shares so much of the same things, so having special personalities that can be relatable should be more important.

2-Grow the avenues of web, social media aspects, apps etc. All of this is important because the traditional ways are dwindling in certain ways. That said, this doesn’t matter if #1 stinks.

3-Podcasting. It’s growing in major numbers. There’s a million ways to do some unique podcasting. Media people should be all over it. Whatever gets your brand created into the everyday life of the regular person.

Daytona 500 is this weekend. I hope your driver wins!

Snoh Aalegra is incredible! Snoh

As always, I dig the NHL Stadium Series and there’s more this weekend. Hockey rules!

I really enjoy the SOA: The Prospect game.

Olympics Rio story.

We should be Facebook friends. I keep it enjoyable here.

Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao is happening in May.

Oscars Time: Much like the Grammy Awards, I’m going to live tweet the Academy Awards via my Twitter @ZManAdventures.

Parks and Recreation tv series finale happens this week.

I’m on Instagram: Radio Zack.

Seriously, a band everyone should have a part of their regular fix is Mini Mansions. They’re on tour with another of my favorite bands, Royal Blood. The real deal! Both of them.

If you’re a news & sports junkie, be sure to check out my News & Sports Calendar posts. I’ll have a fresh one on here soon. Entertainment & Pop Culture Calendar is due soon too.

Be sure to check out my radio playground weekdays, 12-4pm via Fun101.7! You can stream via TuneIn.


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