News, Sports & Showbiz Calendar

Various stuff in news, sports and showbiz (plus several notable holidays etc) that will possibly have the media buzzing. A life planner of sorts for other ideas, brainstorming etc. Also, music and movie dates are tentative, as those move around sometimes.

July 1st-Terminator: Genisys starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

July 5th-Amazon’s Anniversary and Discovery’s Shark Week begins!

July 6th-Sly Stallone’s Birthday.

July 10th-Minions starring Sandra Bullock.

July 14th-MLB All-Star Game and Harper Lee’s To Kill A Mockingbird sequel will be released.

July 12th-Etch-A-Sketch 55th Anniversary!

July 26th-Parents Day.

July 27th-E! debuts Bruce Jenner/Cait reality show called I Am Cait.

July 29th-Windows 10 debuts.

July 30th-Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Birthday and Kelly Clarkson at Klipsch Music Center in Noblesville.

August-The First Presidential Primary Debate happens between the Republicans.

August 6th-Jon Stewart’s final Daily Show.

August 16th-Madonna’s Birthday. NFL Pre-season: Colts vs. Eagles, 1pm!

August 22nd: Colts vs. Bears.

August 29th-Netflix Anniversary. Colts vs. Rams.

August 30th-MTV Video Music Awards.

September-Primetime Emmy Awards and the First Presidential Primary Debate between the Democrats is expected. Apple is set to launch a 25-Channel Online TV Service.

September 3rd: Colts vs. Bengals.

September 4th-Beyonce’s Birthday.

September 10th-NFL Kickoff Weekend!

September 13th-Be A Tourist In Your Hometown Day (Fort Wayne). Everybody Loves Raymond TV Anniversary starring Ray Romano. Grandparents Day.

September 15th-USA Today’s Anniversary.

September 18th-Happy Birthday to CBS and Black Mass starring Johnny Depp.

September 20th-Primetime Emmy Awards air on FOX, hosted by Adam Samberg.

September 23rd-Bruce Springsteen’s Birthday.

October-MLB World Series.

October 9th-Happy Birthday to FOX.

October 12th-Happy Birthday to ABC.

October 16th-Boss’s Day.

October 18th: ***Colts vs. Patriots.***

October 22nd-Fort Wayne’s Birthday!

November 3rd-Election Day…Including Fort Wayne Mayoral race.

November 6th-Peanuts.

November 8th-FW Mayor Tom’s Henry’s Birthday.

November 11th-Veterans Day.

November 15th-Happy Birthday to NBC.

November 21st-World TV Day.

November 26th-Thanksgiving.

November 27th-Black Friday and Presidents Day.

November 28th-Small Business Saturday.

November 30th-Cyber Monday.

December: Anniversary.

December 18th-Star Wars: The Force Awakens starring Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher etc.

December 21st-Ray Romano’s Birthday and Kiefer Sutherland’s Birthday.

December 25th-Christmas! Joy starring Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence, Mission Impossible 5 starring Tom Cruise and The Revenant starring Leo DiCaprio.

December 31st-New Years Eve.

2016 will bring a lot of Presidential talk, Olympics etc. Plus some great entertainment like Batman vs. Superman starring Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill and rumored Sting possibly with The Police.


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