Singles Wish List

I think the following songs as singles could be huge:

Madonna1 Prince3EG Billy Idol 1

So, I have a few ideas as to what SHOULD be singles, but sometimes I’m right and sometimes I’m wrong. Many times they’re never the single, but I BELIEVE that they’re decent songs and have potential to be HITS!

Madonna’s Inside/Out from Rebel Heart is to me one of the better songs and should be a single. I think it’s better than what has been a single so far.

Prince and 3rd Eye Girl’s Wow, which isn’t from Prince’s Art Official Age, but from 3rd Eye Girl’s PretzelBodyLogic. Such a killer song! Fun! Great vibe and catchy as shit. I have faith in this song. I just wish they’d go with this one and really push it.

Billy Idol’s Ghosts In My Guitar is probably one of my favorite picks from his album called Kings & Queens Of The Underground.

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Zack Skyler




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