Fall Music Preview

Music Notes

DON HENLEY’S Cass County is due in September. It’s still the great Don Henley signature sound with help from a few country friends. Cass County is the county in Georgia where he is from.

MADONNA is hitting the road for her world tour. There are plans for a possible live album, plus another Best of release and a box set collection.

LADY GAGA is busy working on her forthcoming album, which is expected in the very near future.

PRINCE is going to release the Hit & Run album through Tidal. There’s also another Best of release planned and even a box set collection.

LEONA LEWIS, best known for Bleeding Love, returns with I Am in September.

BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN has some movie music on the way, but also a forthcoming album expected this fall.

MARIAH CAREY’s forthcoming release is on the way and may hit in the fall.

DAVID BOWIE box set collection is coming in September.

JUSTIN BIEBER returns in November with another album. The first single is What Do You Mean.

It’s been a while for Janet. Unbreakable is due this fall, plus a huge world tour. Janet is in Indy in January.

DURAN DURAN’S Paper Gods hits September 11th. It’s Produced by Nile Rodgers from Chic.

BEYONCE returns by years end or early 2016.

BRYAN ADAMS Get Up is coming in October. It’s Produced by ELO’s Jeff Lynne.

KATY PERRY is rumored to have a new album coming soon.


ROB THOMAS just released his latest solo album called The Great Unknown.

LANA DEL REY’S HONEYMOON is coming out in November.

KEITH RICHARDS of the ROLLING STONES has a solo album, CROSSEYED HEART, due this fall, plus a documentary on Netflix.

LITTLE MIX releases GET WEIRD this fall.

MICHAEL STIPE of R.E.M. is expected to have a solo album due soon.

DAVID GILMOUR of the recently broken up Pink Floyd, has a new album called Rattle That Lock coming soon.


SEAL’s upcoming album is due in the fall.

BECK, fresh off a Grammy winning album has another one coming.

 Great Music Info: PauseandPlay.com



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