It’s My Birthday! What I’ve Learned In 44 Years.

Hey there! Here I am and I’m 44 today.

Life is full of ups and downs and here’s a few things I’ve either known forever because it’s what I believe or things I’ve learned along the way:

Family matters. Your kids should be #1.

Take care of yourself. You are the CEO of YOU. Make it happen. Also, give yourself time for you.

Things are sometimes bad and sometimes good. How we react to these things shows our character. 

Be a decent person. 


Always treat your lady well. Even then, it doesn’t always work, but maybe she wasn’t the right woman.

Have great sex and a lot of it. It’s the Leo way. 😉

People make a lot of assumptions. Assumptions ruin many relationships. Things should be based on facts and actions, not thoughts, rumors and possibilities.

Hard work.

Laugh. A lot. 

We all make mistakes. Let yourself out of the pen. 

Give yourself time to play. Whatever that is. 

Learn the value of a dollar. Save. Plan. Prepare for the future….always.

Help those that need it. Sometimes it’s just just reaching out.

Some things really are best left unsaid. Yet, there are certain things that need to be said. Choose wisely.

Be informed. Know what’s going on…news, sports, but most of all…life. Your life. The people in your world. 

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