Forthcoming TV Series


March 8th

ABC debuts Of Kings & Prophets starring Ray Winstone.


March 9th

CBS airs Victoria’s Secret Swimsuit tv special.


March 12th

FOX debuts sketch show called Party Over Here from Andy Samberg.


Nickelodeon’s Kids Choice Awards.


March 15th

NBC debuts Crowded starring Patrick Warburton.


NCIS 300th episode.


March 16th

CBS debuts Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders starring Gary Sinese.


FX’s The Americans season premiere.


March 18th

Netflix debuts Pee-Wee’s Big Holiday.


March 22nd and March 23rd

NBC debuts Heartbeat starring DL Hughley & Melissa George.


March 24th

NBC debuts The Catch starring Merreille Enos.


March 30th

TV Land debuts Lopez On TV Land starring George Lopez.


FOX airs Empire season premiere.


Hulu debuts The Path starring Aaron Paul.



March 31st

CBS debuts Rush Hour starring Jon Foo.



April means HBO’s Game Of Thrones returns!


April 1st

Netflix debuts The Ranch starring Ashton Kutcher.



April 2nd

Tentative Joel McHale HBO tv special.


April 3rd

AMC’s The Walking Dead season finale.



April 7th

NBC debuts Game Of Silence starring Jackson Brooks.


April 10th

MTV Movie Awards.


Showtime debuts the docuseries called Dice starring Andrew Dice Clay.


April 13th

NBC debuts Strong with Sly Stallone.


April 14th

FOX debuts American Grit Hosted by John Cena.


April 17th

HBO’s season finale of Vinyl.


April 19th

The CW debuts Containment starring David Gyasi.


April 22nd

Netflix Patton Oswalt comedy special.



April 23rd

FOX airs Electronic Music Awards.


April 24th

HBO’s Game Of Thrones returns.


April 30th

HBO airs Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony.



May 2nd

FOX debuts Houdini & Doyle starring Michael Weston as Harry Houdini and Stephen Mangan as his best friend, Arthur Conan Doyle.


May 3rd

The CW is set to launch a couple of series.


May 22nd

ABC airs Billboard Music Awards.


August 28th

MTV Video Music Awards.



A lot more Presidential Debates, leading up to the election in the fall.


Olympic Games in Rio!


HBO’s Divorce starring Sarah Jessica Parker.


FX’s Taboo starring Tom Hardy.


Showtime’s Purity starring Daniel Craig.


Showtime’s Twin Peaks starring Kyle MacLachlan. (Moved to 2017)






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