My Love of Radio


It first began probably around 1975 or so, when I was four years old. My earliest recollections are hearing Wings being played quite a bit. I still dig Wings to this day and as a kid, went back and discovered all of the Beatles catalog. Radio for me at the time was usually WOWO because my parents listened to that and I grew to respect those guys & gals…legends in our community. As time went on it was several stations…WMEE, WQHK, WPTH, which became WFWQ, which became WAJI. Also, most of the Indy stations I listened to when I could as well…WFBQ, WIBC, WIFE, WNAP etc. It all made an impact on me. As a very young kid, the things that moved me were radio, music, hockey, movies and playing the drums.

Personality radio was always the special ingredient for me, regardless of the format. Whether you do news, sports, talk, music, whatever… make it entertaining. It’s probably why from the beginning, I always liked Howard Stern, Bob & Tom, Steve & Garry back in the day, Kevin Matthews, our very own Jim & Carrie etc.

Pre-internet, I used to get aircheck tapes all the time with various personalities, stations and markets. Everything from the glory Top 40 days of Z-100, KIIS to Eagle 106 in Philly to WAVA in DC. I listened to a lot of Chicago and Detroit stations. I’ve always liked and still like WXRT…true music people.

I’ve always loved KROQ from the beginning to now. Although it’s not quite what it was, it’s still a great radio station with talented people.

Radio has been though A LOT…both good and bad. Many up’s & down’s. I try to never forget what made me fall in love with radio and always want to give people something special. If you’re a Chef, you’re not gonna (or shouldn’t) give a mediocre plate of food.




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