News, Sports & Showbiz Stuff

April 15th-Jim & Carrie’s 20th Anniversary! Tax Day.

April 23rd-Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo opens for the season.

April 27th-Administrative Professionals Day.

April 28th-Take Our Sons & Daughters To Work Day.

April 29th-TV Land’s Anniversary. Jerry Seinfeld’s BDay.

May…Rumored Indiana Governor’s Debate between Mike Pence and John Gregg.

May 5th-Cinco de Mayo.

May 7th-Kentucky Derby.

May 8th-Mother’s Day.

May 22nd-Armed Forces Day.

May 23rd-Drew Carey’s BDay.

May 29th-Indy 500.

May 30th-Memorial Day.

June is when the NBA Finals and the NHL Stanley Cup Finals will take place.

June 7th-Prince’s BDay.

June 13th-Tim Allen’s BDay.

June 16th-19th-U.S. Open. (Golf)

June 19th-Father’s Day.

June 27th-July 10th-Wimbledon.

July 4th-Independence Day.

July 6th-Sly Stallone’s BDay.

July 12th-MLB All-Star Game.

July 18th-21st-Republican National Convention.

July 24th-Parents Day.

July 25th-28th-Democratic National Convention.

July 31st-Arnold Schwarzenegger’s BDay! E! Entertainment Television’s Anniversary!

August 5th-21st-Olympics. (RIO)

August 7th-NFL Hall of Fame game-Colts vs. Packers.

August 16th-Madonna’s BDay.

September means Fall TV! Plus several major music and movie releases usually drop around this time and for a couple of months.

September 5th-The late Mother Teresa receives Sainthood.

September 23rd-Bruce Springsteen’s BDay.

October is when MLB’s World Series will take place.

PlayStation VR, a virtual reality system, will debut in October.

October 17th-Boss Day.

October 22nd-Fort Wayne’s Birthday!

October 31stHalloween.

November 8th-Election Day. We’ll find out who the President will be.

Fort Wayne HolidayFest happens during November!

November 24thThanksgiving.

November 25th-Black $$$ Friday.

November 26th-Small Business Saturday.

November 28th-Cyber Monday.

December 25thChristmas.


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