Hey There


There was a time when I posted every day and or night on this particular blog and I rarely do so anymore. I’m hoping to have some time to do it on a more regular basis once again.

I do enjoy talking about music, movies, radio and television and will do so here when I can. I’m also somebody that discusses things going on in the world in news and sports and I’ll still do that too from time to time. Life in general. It’s all one weird trip.

The main reason I don’t post on here as much as I have before is because I work quite a bit. I must say that I love my work, so that helps, but I’ve been rather neglectful in this blog.

Along with doing my show weekdays, 12-4, on FUN 101.7, I also am the right hand that helps to make things happen on our alternative station, ALT 99.5. I care about both stations and do a lot of things for both. You can get apps for both and hear both FUN and ALT from anywhere.

Join me elsewhere, especially Twitter, which I enjoy way more than Facebook.

Here I am on…





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