My Radio Family

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FUN 101.7 and ALT 99.5 are a couple of the radio stations that I do a lot for.

First, I do a show every weekday on FUN 101.7 from 12-4pm, which includes the Classic Hits Countdown! Every day spotlights a different year. It’s my passion and my love. I have a great time!

I’m also the person that takes care of the music every day for FUN.

Please, like us on Facebook…Facebook

and follow us on Twitter…Twitter


ALT 99.5 is one of our recently launched radio stations.

I’m the right hand of ALT and do many things for this station.

ALT means a lot to me, because I’ve always enjoyed this kind of music forever… I go way back to the Ramones, the Replacements, the Pixies and Sonic Youth and then into the 90’s mainstream explosion of the whole thing. I love many genres of music, but really dig this.

Since, we are so new and just beginning to grow, I’d love to get some of our social media to grow. Please 🙂 like and friend our stuff.



ALSO… We have some great apps and you can hear either station from anywhere. Get them through Google Play or the app store.



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