Forthcoming TV 2017





January 1st

A lot of TV Marathons happening on various cable channels:

NCIS, Everybody Loves Raymond, Twilight Zone, Home Improvement, Seinfeld, Frasier, Roseanne, Big Bang Theory etc.

FOX debuts The Mick starring Kaitlin Olson.


January 2nd

NBC airs the season premiere of Celebrity Apprentice with Arnold Schwarzenegger.


January 3rd

FOX’s Bones season premiere (final season too).


January 6th

Netflix debuts the remake of One Day At A Time with a Cuban-American twist.

NBC debuts Emerald City starring Adria Arjona.


January 8th

NBC airs the Golden Globes.


January 10th

FX debuts Taboo starring Tom Hardy.


January 13th

Netflix debuts A Series of Unfortunate Events starring Neil Patrick Harris.

Amazon debuts Sneaky Pete starring Giovanni Ribisi.


January 15th

Showtime airs the season premiere of Homeland.

CBS debuts Doubt starring Katherine Heigl.


January 18th

Peoples Choice Awards air on CBS.


January 19th

ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy returns.


January 22nd

CBS debuts Hunted.


January 26th

The CW debuts Riverdale starring Cole Sprouse.


January 27th

Amazon debuts Z: The Beginning of Everything starring Christina Ricci.




February 2nd

NBC debuts Powerless starring Vanessa Hudgens.

CBS debuts Training Day starring Bill Paxton.


February 5th

FOX debuts 24: Legacy starring Corey Hawkins.


February 8th

FX will debut Legion starring Dan Stevens.


February 12th

AMC’s The Walking Dead returns.


February 23rd

NBC debuts The Blacklist: Redemption starring Famke Janssen.


February 27th

NBC debuts Taken starring Clive Stranden.



March 17th

Netflix debuts Marvel’s Iron Fist starring Finn Jones.


March 22nd

FOX’s Empire returns.



April 25th

NBC debuts Great News starring Horatio Sanz & Nicole Richie.




FX will debut SOA spinoff Mayans MC starring Emilio Rivera.



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