Forthcoming TV 2017





January 1st

A lot of TV Marathons happening on various cable channels:

NCIS, Everybody Loves Raymond, Twilight Zone, Home Improvement, Seinfeld, Frasier, Roseanne, Big Bang Theory etc.

FOX debuts The Mick starring Kaitlin Olson.


January 2nd

NBC airs the season premiere of Celebrity Apprentice with Arnold Schwarzenegger.


January 3rd

FOX’s Bones season premiere (final season too).


January 6th

Netflix debuts the remake of One Day At A Time with a Cuban-American twist.

NBC debuts Emerald City starring Adria Arjona.


January 8th

NBC airs the Golden Globes.


January 10th

FX debuts Taboo starring Tom Hardy.


January 13th

Netflix debuts A Series of Unfortunate Events starring Neil Patrick Harris.

Amazon debuts Sneaky Pete starring Giovanni Ribisi.


January 15th

Showtime airs the season premiere of Homeland.

CBS debuts Doubt starring Katherine Heigl.


January 18th

Peoples Choice Awards air on CBS.


January 19th

ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy returns.


January 22nd

CBS debuts Hunted.


January 26th

The CW debuts Riverdale starring Cole Sprouse.


January 27th

Amazon debuts Z: The Beginning of Everything starring Christina Ricci.




February 2nd

NBC debuts Powerless starring Vanessa Hudgens.

CBS debuts Training Day starring Bill Paxton.


February 5th

FOX debuts 24: Legacy starring Corey Hawkins.


February 8th

FX will debut Legion starring Dan Stevens.


February 12th

AMC’s The Walking Dead returns.


February 23rd

NBC debuts The Blacklist: Redemption starring Famke Janssen.


February 27th

NBC debuts Taken starring Clive Stranden.



March 17th

Netflix debuts Marvel’s Iron Fist starring Finn Jones.


March 22nd

FOX’s Empire returns.



April 25th

NBC debuts Great News starring Horatio Sanz & Nicole Richie.




FX will debut SOA spinoff Mayans MC starring Emilio Rivera.



Forthcoming TV Series

IMG_1191 is a great source for tv info.

 May 11th

Netflix debuts Chelsea Handler’s talk show.


May 22nd

ABC airs Billboard Music Awards.


AMC debuts Preacher starring Dominic Cooper.


June 13th

CBS debuts Braindead starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead.


August 28th

MTV Video Music Awards.



A lot more Presidential Debates, leading up to the election in the fall.


Olympic Games in Rio!


HBO’s Divorce starring Sarah Jessica Parker.


FX’s Taboo starring Tom Hardy.


Showtime’s Purity starring Daniel Craig.


E! debuts Mariah Carey’s docuseries called Mariah’s World.


Showtime’s Twin Peaks starring Kyle MacLachlan. (Moved to 2017)


Forthcoming TV Series


March 8th

ABC debuts Of Kings & Prophets starring Ray Winstone.


March 9th

CBS airs Victoria’s Secret Swimsuit tv special.


March 12th

FOX debuts sketch show called Party Over Here from Andy Samberg.


Nickelodeon’s Kids Choice Awards.


March 15th

NBC debuts Crowded starring Patrick Warburton.


NCIS 300th episode.


March 16th

CBS debuts Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders starring Gary Sinese.


FX’s The Americans season premiere.


March 18th

Netflix debuts Pee-Wee’s Big Holiday.


March 22nd and March 23rd

NBC debuts Heartbeat starring DL Hughley & Melissa George.


March 24th

NBC debuts The Catch starring Merreille Enos.


March 30th

TV Land debuts Lopez On TV Land starring George Lopez.


FOX airs Empire season premiere.


Hulu debuts The Path starring Aaron Paul.



March 31st

CBS debuts Rush Hour starring Jon Foo.



April means HBO’s Game Of Thrones returns!


April 1st

Netflix debuts The Ranch starring Ashton Kutcher.



April 2nd

Tentative Joel McHale HBO tv special.


April 3rd

AMC’s The Walking Dead season finale.



April 7th

NBC debuts Game Of Silence starring Jackson Brooks.


April 10th

MTV Movie Awards.


Showtime debuts the docuseries called Dice starring Andrew Dice Clay.


April 13th

NBC debuts Strong with Sly Stallone.


April 14th

FOX debuts American Grit Hosted by John Cena.


April 17th

HBO’s season finale of Vinyl.


April 19th

The CW debuts Containment starring David Gyasi.


April 22nd

Netflix Patton Oswalt comedy special.



April 23rd

FOX airs Electronic Music Awards.


April 24th

HBO’s Game Of Thrones returns.


April 30th

HBO airs Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony.



May 2nd

FOX debuts Houdini & Doyle starring Michael Weston as Harry Houdini and Stephen Mangan as his best friend, Arthur Conan Doyle.


May 3rd

The CW is set to launch a couple of series.


May 22nd

ABC airs Billboard Music Awards.


August 28th

MTV Video Music Awards.



A lot more Presidential Debates, leading up to the election in the fall.


Olympic Games in Rio!


HBO’s Divorce starring Sarah Jessica Parker.


FX’s Taboo starring Tom Hardy.


Showtime’s Purity starring Daniel Craig.


Showtime’s Twin Peaks starring Kyle MacLachlan. (Moved to 2017)





Forthcoming TV


January will bring several TV Midseason Replacements, Netflix will debut Fuller House! Plus a few Presidential Debates and awards season begins. Apple will debut their Apple TV Service sometime in 2016, as well as add more radio related things.


January 2nd

History’s Being Evel debuts. It’s about Evel Knievel.


January 3rd

FOX debuts Seth MacFarlane’s latest ‘toon called Bordertown.


January 4th

FOX debuts tv special, SuperHuman.


NBC debuts Superstore starring America Ferrera.


NBC debuts Telenovela starring Eva Longoria. (It had a special airing in December, but OFFICIALLY begins tonight)


January 6th

CBS airs the Peoples Choice Awards Hosted by Jane Lynch.


January 7th

CBS debuts Angel From Hell starring Jane Lynch.


NBC debuts Shades of Blue starring Jennifer Lopez, Ray Liotta and Drea de Matteo.


January 10th

NBC airs the Golden Globes Hosted by Ricky Gervais.


January 12th

President’s final State of the Union on all of the tv nets.

The CW airs MAD TV’s 20th Anniversary Reunion.


January 13th

FOX debuts Second Chance starring Rob Kazinsky.


CBS debuts Code Black starring Marcia Gay Harden.


TV Land debuts Teachers starring Caitlin Barlow.


January 14th

CBS is rumored to debut American Gothic around this time.


USA Network debuts Colony starring Josh Holloway.


January 16th

Sesame Street makes its HBO debut.


January 17th

Showtime debuts Billions starring Paul Giamatti.


January 18th

The CW airs a Howie Mandel tv special.


January 19th

ABC airs Captain America’s 7th Anniversary tv special.


January 21st

FX debuts Baskets starring Zach Galifianakis.


January 23rd

Netflix debuts Chelsea Handler’s docuseries called Chelsea Does.


January 24th

FOX’s The X-Files starring David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson returns!


January 25th

FOX debuts Lucifer starring Tom Ellis.


January 31st

FOX airs Grease: LIVE.


February will have several tv debuts, including…HBO’s Vinyl debut, CBS will air the Super Bowl, plus a few award shows are coming, including…the Grammys and the Oscars!


February 2nd

FX debuts American Crime Story.


February 3rd

AMC debuts Preacher starring Dominic Cooper. (Tentative)


February 7th

CBS airs the Super Bowl.


February 14th

HBO’s Vinyl starring Bobby Cannavale, Ray Romano and Andrew Dice Clay debuts. It’s a much anticipated tv series set in the 70’s rock & roll world of radio and record labels. Produced by Martin Scorsese and Mick Jagger.


AMC’s The Walking Dead returns.


February 15th

Hulu debuts 11.22.63 starring James Franco.


CBS airs the Grammy Awards.


February 26th

Netflix debuts Fuller House starring John Stamos and company.


February 28th

ABC airs the Academy Awards…Oscars.


March will give us more tv debuts, plus award shows. 


March 2nd

ABC debuts The Real O’Neals starring Jay R. Ferguson.


CBS debuts Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders starring Gary Sinese.


March 3rd

ABC debuts The Family starring Zack Gilford.


March 4th

Netflix debuts season four House of Cards starring Kevin Spacey.


March 12th

Nickelodeon’s Kids Choice Awards.
April means HBO’s Game Of Thrones returns!



Olympic Games in Rio!

HBO’s Divorce starring Sarah Jessica Parker.


FX’s Taboo starring Tom Hardy.


Showtime’s Twin Peaks starring Kyle MacLachlan.





Forthcoming TV Series

TV Net Logos

April 3rd: E! debuts Grace Helbig.


April 5th: NBC debuts Odyssey starring Anna Friel.


Mad Men with Jon Hamm returns on AMC.


April 9th: FX debuts The Comedians starring Billy Crystal.


Louie returns on FX.

April 10th: Netflix debuts Daredevil starring Charlie Cox.


April 12th: Game of Thrones returns on HBO.


April 26th: Showtime debuts Happyish starring Steve Coogan.


May 14th: FOX debuts Wayward Pines starring Matt Dillon, Juliette Lewis & Carla Gugino.


May 28th: NBC debuts Aquarius starring David Duchovny.


June 25th: FOX debuts the quiz show, Boom, hosted by Tom Papa.


June 30th: CBS debuts Zoo starring James Wolk.


August 5th: NBC debuts Mr. Robinson starring Craig Robinson.

 Soon on CBS:

Life In Pieces starring Colin Hanks.

Supergirl starring Melissa Benoist.

Soon on ABC:

Family of the Year starring Jay R. Ferguson.

 Kingmakers starring Adrian Pasdar.

Soon on NBC:

 Sharing starring Jack Carpenter.

Endgame starring Wesley Snipes.

Soon on FOX:

 Fantasy Life starring Vanessa Williams & Kevin Connolly.

The animated Bordertown starring Hank Azaria.

(Produced by Seth MacFarlane, Family Guy)

The Expendables starring Sly Stallone & company.

(A mini-series of sorts)

The Grinder starring Rob Lowe.

 A John Stamos tv project.

Soon on The CW:

Dates starring Ben Chaplin.

Various CABLE Stuff still to come:

FX’s The Bastard Executioner starring Lee Jones.

(Produced by Kurt Sutter, SOA)

TV Land’s The Jim Gaffigan Show starring Jim Gaffigan.

HBO’s True Detective starring Vince Vaughn, Colin Farrell & Rachel McAdams.